Show some grit

UNLIKE the recent snow and freezing weather that brought Yorkshire to a shivering standstill, there's no justification for the authorities not being prepared for the latest cold snap that threatens to throw Christmas preparations into chaos.

The Arctic blast has been well-forecast, and the need for the country to be more resilient, at times of extreme weather, should have been exercising the minds of political leaders both at local town halls, and in Westminster.

Given this, there should be no excuse for trains being cancelled, roads being left untreated, the rubbish bins unemptied and the post undelivered. These are taxpayer-funded services and the powers-that-be should remember that they are paid, indeed very well remunerated in many instances, to keep the country on the move.

Yet, it appears that the weather has been a convenient excuse for the authorities to put their interests before those of the wider public. It is a mindset that is going to have to change if everyone is going to be able to get home to their families for Christmas and enjoy, if possible, a stress-free festive period.