Smarter solutions needed to A64 traffic chaos between York and Scarborough – Yorkshire Post letters

From: John Doherty, Burnholme Avenue, York.

Tailbacks on the A64 east of York remain a repeated soruce of frustration.

AS the summer holiday season starts, I was dismayed to read that there is no imminent solution to the traffic problems on the A64 between Malton and York.As a regular traveller on this stretch of road, I can certainly attest to the dire need for improvements.

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This has been an ongoing issue for over 20 years (about the time it takes to get to Scarborough on a sunny summer weekend)!

Residents have been campaigning for years for the A64 to be dualled between York and Scarborough.

Surely a clever method of traffic regulation could be employed, perhaps similar to smart motorways, which might ease the flow of traffic without the expense and disruption of building an extra lane in each direction.

For it to be worth doing, the construction of a continuous dual carriageway would have to run from York to Scarborough.

From: Henry Cobden, Ilkley.

IF a road as congested as the A64 was located in the South East, it would be getting national attention. Given its importance to the tourism and rural economy, what are our local leaders doing?