Tactical voting is undemocratic and makes a mockery of suffrage sacrifices - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: C J Ball, Hove Edge, Brighouse.

What are your views on tactical voting?

With HER advice to vote tactically in the coming election (The Yorkshire Post, November 27), Gina Miller tops off three years of delaying measures to frustrate the will of a majority of the electorate.

She has every right to oppose Brexit, but it must be first implemented to comply with the 2016 Referendum, then she can campaign to reverse it.

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Born in the 1930s, I was brought up by two generations (parents and grandparents) who had lived through two World Wars and a Great Depression, and who remembered the achievement of universal suffrage as recently as 1928 – within the lifetime of people still living.

I was taught that my right to vote is a precious thing, not to be used lightly, and to accept the will of the majority, so I have never failed to register my vote in any election, national or local.

Now this woman is telling us to throw our vote at any old party just to further her own undemocratic ends.

She makes a mockery of the sacrifices made by those who went before.

Her approach can be likened to the response of the tennis player Andy Murray.

When Scotland were knocked out of the football World Cup he was asked which of the finalists he would now support. “Any team but England” was his reply.

The trouble is that Andy Murray was joking. This dangerous woman is not!