Tax cuts for rich prove Tories are still ‘nasty party’ - Yorkshire Post letters

From: Michael Hutchinson, Mirfield.

What will be Boris Johnson's approach to Brexit if he becomes Prime Minister next week?
What will be Boris Johnson's approach to Brexit if he becomes Prime Minister next week?

THREE things are clear from the Tory leadership contest.

First, the leading contenders want to give their rich friends tax breaks instead of seeking solutions to the growing social problems they have helped create. By prioritising unfair tax giveaways over meeting need, they prove Theresa May right in one thing: they really are the ‘nasty party’.

It is over 15 years since Theresa May first described the Tories as the nasty party. Does the current leadership campaign vindicate her?

Second, austerity always was and still is a con trick. Apparently there is no shortage of money for pet Tory projects and they easily found £1bn to bribe Northern Irish MPs into supporting the May government.

The leadership candidates’ expensive and uncosted attempts to buy members’ votes has destroyed any remaining vestige of their party’s reputation for economic competence.

Third, the Tories no longer believe in the United Kingdom. If they did, they would not be pursuing Brexit at the cost of driving Scotland and Northern Ireland out of the Union.

This looks increasingly likely if there is the kind of hard Brexit acceptable to any future Tory leader. The leadership candidates’ promises are irresponsible but they clearly appeal to Tory party members. None of them can be trusted to act in the national interest.

From: John King, Thurgoland, Sheffield.

IT was interesting to read David Reed’s analogy (The Yorkshire Post, July 16) as to why we should build HS2, and that for every £1 spent £2 would be returned to the Treasury. I find this unconvincing as the railways currently struggle to pay for themselves without subsidy.

Now, if he is correct and for one moment let’s assume he is, then private investors would be queuing up with wads of cash in their hands ready to grasp such a wonderful opportunity.

From: Ian Oglesby, Stamford Bridge, York.

IN trying to block no deal Brexit, the plan of Sir John Major and others is to encourage Brussels 
to offer a totally unacceptable deal in the hope that we would choose to stay in the sorely-troubled EU.

The clear majority chose to leave and since 2016 we 
have learnt more about the serious problems and astronomical debt, created by Brussels and which our continued membership 
would render us substantially liable.

Nigel Farage recognises that this situation can no longer be tolerated.