Tell Donald Trump to keep his hands off our NHS; it is not for sale – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Christine Hyde, North Kirklees NHS Support Group.

Does President Donald Trump have too much influence over the NHS?

NORTH Kirklees NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, after great fanfare about local accountability in the move to Dewsbury, is relocating back to Huddersfield. It is another nail in the coffin of local accountability for health services.

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North Kirklees NHS Support group, is not surprised.

The NHS is a key election issue.

The apparent aim of NHS England is to have one emasculated Commissioning Group for the whole of West Yorkshire and Harrogate, and for much of the procurement to be done by providers themselves in the Integrated Care Provider network.

NHS England’s ‘right direction’, the second and third top down NHS redisorganisations, signposts that this willultimately morph into a US style Accountable Care Organisation.

ACOs save money by cutting services and denying care and what they save, they keep. Remember when the 
mental health hospitals were closed?

Boris Johnson is a Tory leader who wants to prioritise the NHS as a general election issue.

At first there was a raft of services for patients.

They’re now reduced to zero.

Welcome to the gestation of NHS Obamacare. The PM’s friend, Donald Trump, wants more of the NHS revenue for his health multi-nationals. Are you with him?