The Yorkshire Post says: A new ball game. Street football’s changing rules

Jack and Bobby Charlton.
Jack and Bobby Charlton.
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HAS the nation that gave football to the world become such a nanny state that families have to ask councils for permission for youngsters to play in the street?

Though there’s more traffic today compared to the halcyon era when street football was the norm in terraced streets, and where future greats like Bobby and Jack Charlton practiced to perfection, there are also more distractions – like television and the internet.

Yet, while councils like Leeds should not be criticised for encouraging residents to get permission to close off streets, it will be an own goal if the process becomes too bureaucratic and closures happen so sporadically that there are not enough youngsters to form a five-a-side team. Surely it’s up to motorists to drive more slowly on side streets – and for greater use to be made of parks, play areas and the 
still great outdoors?