The Yorkshire Post says: A tipping point. The fight for gender equality

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EVEN though progress on gender equality has been significant in recent times, there’s much more to be done before there is genuine parity between men and women. As long as well-meaning groups, like Lean In Leeds, are needed to promote female leaders in business, society needs to look at itself in the mirror.

It’s nearly 100 years since the suffrage movement won the right for women to vote. Yet, a century later, Parliament is not totally reflective of the country at large; pay differentials still exist in some businesses between male and female members of staff carrying out the same duties and it took the 2012 Olympics for sportswomen to be recognised as equals.

And while Ministers are championing “equality of opportunity for all” when it comes to skills, perhaps every organisation in the country should provide a gender audit of its workforce each year until a genuine tipping point is reached, a process from which the most enlightened will have nothing to fear.