The Yorkshire Post says: Failing Grayling. No direction to transport policy

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling.
Transport Secretary Chris Grayling.
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ANOTHER week and another damning report that reflects poorly on the failed transport policies being pursued by Chris Grayling.

Last week the National Audit Office accused the Transport Secretary of ignoring expert evidence over his decision to scrap three rail electrification schemes and introduce bi-mode trains instead.

Now the Department for Transport stands accused by environmental campaigners, and others, of not knowing how much dangerous air pollution is being emitted by diesel trains which will remain in service for much longer under Mr Grayling’s plans.

Given Mr Grayling’s own deputy Jo Johnson wants diesel-only trains to be taken out of service by 2040, it’s little wonder that passengers have little confidence in the record sums that are, in fact, being invested in the railways by the current Government.

For, until Mr Grayling is replaced, there’s little chance of policy-making getting back on track.