The Yorkshire Post says: Fixing our roads - Pothole funds are welcome

Who is to blame for the state of some of our roads? (JPress).
Who is to blame for the state of some of our roads? (JPress).
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POTHOLES are the bane of every driver’s life, whether in private cars on the commute to work, or in the goods vehicles that play such a vital role in powering our economy.

They are not just an inconvenience, but a hazard that damage vehicles and result in costly repair bills. Roads pock-marked by holes are also an obstacle to doing business, making it more difficult to move materials around smoothly and efficiently.

The freezing winter weather has taken a toll on this region’s roads, and so the Government’s announcement of an additional £100m to repair potholes and other storm damage should be welcomed.

With council budgets already under severe pressure, the repair of potholes can potentially be delayed or overlooked, and the Department of Transport is right to recognise that extra funds are necessary to maintain roads in a proper condition.

Whether or not the amount of funding it has provided proves adequate remains to be seen. Given that the money is spread across the entire country, what sounds at first to be a substantial sum may be less than is required.

Nevertheless, it is a step in the right direction. The roads network, as we know to our cost in this region, is already so congested that it puts a brake on both doing business and people trying to get to work. Potholes only make matters worse.

The Government should now monitor how far the money goes in repairing them, and if more is required, provide it without delay.