The Yorkshire Post says: Neighbourly gestures of goodwill can tame Beast from the East

A wintry scene on the Cow and Calf rocks near Ilkley.
A wintry scene on the Cow and Calf rocks near Ilkley.
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BRITAIN’S reputation as a nation obsessed with the weather is borne out by the reaction of some to the so-called ‘Beast from the East’ as Yorkshire shivers in the snow.

There are those who point out, with justification, that it is still winter and that it has been colder in the past. And they also contend, rightly so, that Northern folk are far more hardy than people in the South where the odd snow flurry is greeted by an over-reaction.

Yet this shouldn’t preclude The Yorkshire Post from acknowledging all those battling in freezing temperatures to keep the country’s transport network and key public services operational – or expressing support to, amongst others, those resilient hill farmers working round the clock during the lambing season.

And nor should it stop everyone looking out for all those vulnerable people, particularly the elderly, enduring a living hell because of the cold blast’s impact on their health and mobility. Neighbourly gestures of goodwill go a long way – in all weathers.