The Yorkshire Post says: Plastics poser – what is the remedy for the NHS?

How can use of disposable plastic cups be curtailed?
How can use of disposable plastic cups be curtailed?
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THE SCALE of the challenge facing Britain when it comes to environmental sustainability is the fact that the NHS purchased more than half a billion disposable cups over the last five years.

Indicative of the workload of the nation’s hospitals, it also throws up very practical questions, like the amount of time, money – and water – that would be required if NHS trusts were required to use their best, and most durable, crockery.

Yet, while Environment Secretary Michael Gove regularly walks to the Cabinet carrying a reusable cup, perhaps Britain’s manufacturers should be incentivised by the Government to come up with a practical invention for the benefit of the whole country. After all, this is an issue which impacts upon all public and private sector organisations and it would be wrong to single out hospitals – patients, visitors and relatives are under enough stress, and pressure, without trying to remember to take their own recyclable cup with them.