The Yorkshire Post says: Shakespeare in the sun. Plays for today

Macbeth at 'Shakespeare's Rose Theatre, York
Macbeth at 'Shakespeare's Rose Theatre, York
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Never has the four-centuries old passage from Richard III seemed more appropriate. The opening of the temporary scaffold-and-canvas, medieval-styled theatre in the shadow of Clifford’s Tower has indeed – to paraphrase slightly – made a glorious summer in the sun of York.

The Rose Theatre is a triumph of the imagination for both tourism and the stage, a season-long spectacle that will, we hope, bring audiences into the city in their thousands and for all the right reasons.

The quartet of Shakespeare’s plays that will be performed twice-daily between now and the beginning of September, by a top-drawer team of directors and actors and in an arena resembling the type for which they were written, would be enough.

But the festival in York is so much more, with a sprawling Shakespearean village of musicians and chefs in the theatre’s footprint, and all in the most magnificent setting.

Not even Stratford could put on a better show.