The Yorkshire Post says: The Fox on the run. No majority for a hard Brexit

Dr Liam Fox is the International Trade Secretary.
Dr Liam Fox is the International Trade Secretary.
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IN breaking away from the EU’s single market and customs union, International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox – a committed Brexiteer from the start – is determined that Britain’s future is not driven by the past.

There’s just one problem. In the week when Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn proposed a customs deal with the EU to win over Remain-supporting Tory MPs, the Government does not appear to command sufficient Parliamentary support for Dr Fox’s blueprint.

And, while the Cabinet Minister makes a very 
valid point when he questions the wisdom of Britain remaining aligned to the customs union, and being unable to influence or 
policy or strike trade deals with others, he’s still to win over those who do not 
want this country’s 
exports to Europe to be jeopardised under any 

As such, it’s slightly perplexing that senior Ministers are making a series of setpiece speeches in different parts of Britain, and Europe, when one of the most powerful arguments in favour of Brexit was the issue of Parliamentary sovereignty.

Given that Britain’s future – and also the fate of Theresa May’s government – will be determined by a series of upcoming votes in the Commons, it still appears that the key players on all sides of the political divide are still rerunning the referendum when Britain is, in fact, due to leave the EU in March next year.

It’s time to concentrate on the specifics that businesses want, starting with the Prime Minister’s intervention on Friday, so the country’s wealth-creators can plan ahead.