The Yorkshire Post says: Tory infighting. Government must unite

Can the Government unite over Brexit?
Can the Government unite over Brexit?
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DISARRAY and disunity within the Government has now become seemingly the default position within Theresa May’s administration as it lurches from crisis to crisis.

Whether on questions of what sort of Brexit deal Britain should negotiate with the EU, or on fundamental domestic policy issues like the funding and future of the NHS, this is a Government which gives the overwhelming impression of being unable to reach agreement or take decisions.

Even Donald Trump was moved to suggest that Mrs May’s approach to Brexit has been misguided, an unhelpful intervention from her viewpoint, but a potent indication that the Government’s weakness is apparent abroad as well as at home.

It is high time that the Tories stopped behaving like a quarrelsome debating society whose most senior figures appear to be focussed on their own agendas and ambitions, and started concentrating on both running the country and securing the best possible Brexit.

The current shenanigans are frustrating and angering Conservative supporters.

The Government needs to come together and display unity.

If it is to do so, Mrs May must show greater decisiveness in setting out a clear direction, and sticking to it, as well as the determination to either drag wayward ministers into line or get rid of them.

If she does not, the electorate will be unforgiving at the next general election. It should be uppermost in the minds of all those in the Government that the consequence of Tory infighting is likely to be Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister.