The Yorkshire Post says: Wakefield Coroner’s Court – the delays go on

Wakefield Coroner's Court.
Wakefield Coroner's Court.
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IT was this newspaper’s regrettable duty one year ago to highlight the backlog of outstanding cases under the jurisdiction of Wakefield Coroner’s Office because of the level of unnecessary distress being caused to the bereaved.

Yet, while the number of unassigned cases has reduced from 90 to 68 according to the latest figures, the length of delays, at a time when the families concerned simply want closure over the loss of a loved one, suggests that the issue needs looking at again.

And while the service, in its defence, notes the preponderance of sudden deaths in winter, and how this puts staff under additional pressure, it should be pointed out – respectfully – that this phenomenon is not unique to West Yorkshire and other parts of the country do not appear to be experiencing the level of difficulties that continue to be encountered here. If this backlog persists, it goes without saying that Home Secretary Amber Rudd will be duty-bound to intervene.