The Yorkshire Post says: What should be Yorkshire’s Angel of the North? A rose, bicycle or flat cap...

Should Yorkshire have its own Angel of the North?
Should Yorkshire have its own Angel of the North?
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TWENTY years after sculptor Antony Gormley’s Angel of the North statue silenced the sceptics as it soared across Newcastle and Gateshead, it remains one of the most distinctive landmarks in the country and a tourist destination in its own right.

Contrast this with Yorkshire which missed out on the Brick Man that Gormley once proposed for Leeds – the county is now looking forward to Alex Chinneck’s red-brick chimneys finally taking shape on the site of the former Tinsley Towers near Sheffield.

Yet, given this county is renowned around the world for its self-confidence and swagger, it’s surprising that it’s not come up with a striking piece of public art, made from Yorkshire steel, that celebrates this area’s proud identity – the powers-that-be can’t even erect road signs to welcome motorists, and tourists, to the greatest of all counties. What do readers suggest? The biggest white rose in the world? A giant bicycle to reflect the area’s cycling legacy? Or a humble flat cap? Over to you. Not only will your ideas be far more ingenious, but they will also eclipse the Angel of the North.