Three years later Brexit referendum result should not be open to doubt – Yorkshire Post letters

From: R Martin Downs, Main Street, Linton-On-Ouse, York.

Readers want to know why Britain has still not left the EU - and what will happen when the Tories select a new leader.

CAN you, anyone, help me understand why we are still in the EU?

The referendum was simple: ‘Do the people who bothered to vote in the referendum wish to Leave or Remain in the EU?’ It required a simple Yes/No answer, or in our case, Leave/Remain. The question was not and could not ever be, if it is to be a referendum question, Leave or Remain in the EU, subject to negotiations. They become questions for a general election, not a referendum.

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Parliament voted by a big majority to hold a referendum. It also voted, again with a majority, to implement the result. Just who interpreted and authorised the democratic result to mean “subject to negotiations”? We should be told.

From: David Loxley, Hartoft, Pickering.

THE UK “shouldn’t fear no-deal Brexit” (The Yorkshire Post, June 20). True. It is only the EU which is afraid of it. They stand to lose much more than we. International kudos for one and £19bn per year for another. What does flabbergast me is that there are self-professed intelligent people who wish to remain in the EU.

From: Thomas Reed, Harrogate.

HOW is it democratic that just 160,000 people have a right to decide our next Prime Minister? Why not have a referendum – Boris Johnson representing Leave and Jeremy Hunt backing Remain? Oh I forgot, they won’t be able to agree the rules – or result.

From: Ann Brooke, Northallerton.

PLEASE can someone explain why Jeremy Hunt could become our next PM when he did so much harm to the NHS as Health Secretary and did nothing to sort out the social care crisis. Does the Tory party have any sense?

From: Conor Young, Leeds.

I’M surprised others have not echoed your call for the would-be hopefuls to reveal their top teams so they, too, can be scrutinised for the jobs of Chancellor, Home Secretary or Foreign Secretary. We don’t want any more shocks like we did in 2016 when Boris Johnson was given a senior post by Theresa May.

From: Adam Dowson, Catterick.

PERHAPS we should all start to get behind the proposed third runway at Heathrow Airport in the hope Boris Johnson keeps to his word – for once – and decides to go and lie down in front of the bulldozers. Seriously, can anyone believe a word that this man says? I can’t.