Too many people have forgotten the true reason for Christmas - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Jean Thornton, Church Street, Whitby.

How will you be marking Christmas?

I am writing to say my views of what I think Christmas should really be about; the true reason for the season.

I believe it is to celebrate the birth of our dear Lord Jesus Christ. He was born into this world perfect. He was born to give us a new life, a life free from sin, to save us, to redeem, to give us love. He was born in a cattle shed, no cosy room or bed to lay his head. This is what Christmas should be about, not rushing about and spending on gifts for people, gifts which are not often wanted.

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We are too focused on eating and spending, drinking and parties, things that we can have any time of the year, but sad to say some people don’t even think of Jesus and how much He cares all the time about us all.

Christmas festivities are now in full swing.

From: Jonathan Longstaff, Buxted, East Sussex

The next Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, has talked about not taking himself too seriously but all Bible-believing Christians should be seriously concerned about his statement that the Bible has to fit current culture’s beliefs (The Yorkshire Post, December 18).

The Church needs to be able to understand the ever-changing prevailing culture but in each generation the Church has the responsibility to proclaim that God’s truth, as detailed in the Bible, is unchanging, and help individuals understand and respond to its message of love and forgiveness whatever the current culture believes.

From: Peter Moreland, Wakefield.

As churches everywhere tell the story of the nativity, let us hope that this season of goodwill and peace to all mankind will stay with us for the whole year.