Why Boris Johnson is shaping up to be a worse Prime Minister than Theresa May - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Nick Martinek, Briarlyn Road, Huddersfield.

Boris Johnson has given hs backing to HS2.

HS2: the London bubble’s idea of what is good for the North.

The 5G security risks of Huawei: the establishment’s view that China has a duty to be kind and look after us.

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Battery cars: Boris Johnson’s wheeze where we convert to electric vehicles without the bother of supplying any fuel (electrical energy) for them.

What will be the final outcome of Brexit trade talks?

A bridge between Ireland and Scotland: the Government’s gift to Sinn Fein and the SNP to help them form an EU state on our border.

EU Withdrawal Agreement: the fake Brexit the Tory party hopes we won’t notice.

All these bad decisions reflect the well known saying about the English establishment: that they have a tendency to buy our enemies, and sell our friends. You thought Theresa May was bad? Boris Johnson has only just got started.

Boris Johnson took the Cabinet to Sunderland on the day that Britain left the EU.

From: Mrs BJ Cussons, Ilkley.

GUY Verhofstadt, the leading EU politician, has apparently commented that it is sad to see a country leaving that has twice given its blood to liberate Europe.

I don’t know his background or age group but I certainly have a different outlook. As I was growing up, older girls were grieving over the loss of fiancées, many of whom never came back.

Most British people fought to stop their country being invaded which is why there is so much opposition to illegal immigration today, which is not being helped by the European Parliament.

From: David Craggs, Shafton Gate, Goldthorpe.

ONE expression that the Brexiteers trotted out ad nauseam was ‘taking back control’. But when pressed as to what exactly that meant, few could give an explanation.

What an excellent article GP Taylor wrote about our fishermen (The Yorkshire Post, February 12).

In it he expressed just why we needed to take control of our fishing grounds – and why it won’t work out. If GP Taylor is to be believed, they are going to be very disappointed.

From: Brian H Sheridan, Lodge Moor, Sheffield.

THE value of learning foreign languages is surely irrefutable (The Yorkshire Post, February 12).

Teachers of so-called “ dead languages” such as Latin, have had a harder time justifying their existence. “What use is Latin, sir?” my former Latin master was once asked. He replied quite simply: “Well, it has kept me and my family for 30 years.”