Why Fiona Bruce should be sacked as Question Time presenter - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Brian H Sheridan, Lodge Moor, Sheffield.

Should Fiona Bruce be replaced as the host of Question Time?

LIKE Dennis Whitaker (The Yorkshire Post, September 10), I no longer look forward to BBC TV Question Time. Chairmen Sir Robin Day, Peter Sissons and David Dimbleby were very hard acts to follow but Fiona Bruce, with her fussiness and tendency to mumble, should be replaced by someone with more authority and gravitas.

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The constant interruptions and panellists talking over each other made the latest programme almost unbearable, even to panellist Iain Dale who later admitted that he almost walked out on the show.

The bow-tied Sir Robin Day made his name presenting Question Time. He is pictured with Michael Heseltine, Ann Leslie, Michael Foot and David Steel in 1983.

Question Time’s studio audiences have become increasingly unruly and should be thoroughly briefed as to what behaviour is acceptable. However, one gets the feeling that the BBC encourages a certain level of disorder to enhance the entertainment.

As for the quality of the panellists, the best-known last Thursday was the strident Emily Thornberry. I can’t call any contributions significant other than those of Iain Dale.

Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry faced tough questions on brexit during last week's Question Time.

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

THE problem with Question Time is the quantity of people on the panel. Cut it to four, and a better discussion will follow.