Why HMRC director is out of touch with reality over loan charge - Yorkshire Post letters

From: S Sheehan, Leeds.

HMRC's mishandling of the loan charge scandal continues to be criticised.

THE letter from HMRC 
counter avoidance director 
Mary Aiston (Defending bid to claw back taxes, The Yorkshire Post, July 19), is obviously 
written from an idealised belief that bears no resemblance to reality.

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If HMRC was a private company, it would not survive with its current attitudes.

HMRC's approach to the loan charge continues to be challenged.

In a recent experience, which was created by an HMRC mistake, the reasonable and sympathetic approach offered from HMRC was ‘that’s how it is I’m afraid’.

The “right solution” in this case which was offered by HMRC was “borrow money from family and friends and sell your car”; and the generous payment plan on offer was “you have to pay now”.

I find it difficult to believe that this was an isolated incident.

Maybe Ms Aiston will explain how this fits with her rose-tinted view of HMRC being a caring organisation?

There is certainly no evidence to support her claims that HMRC is reasonable and sympathetic in its conduct.

It is clear that she is totally 
out of touch with the reality of the attitudes and behaviour 
of HMRC staff, who are supposedly under her control (Greg Wright, The Yorkshire Post, July 20).