Why Humber Estuary barrier is the only solution to flooding - Yorkshire Post letters

From: John R Goodman, Drainage Consultant (retired), Grove Close, Beverley.

Should a tidal barrier be built across the Humber estuary to protect the area from future flooding?

NEWSPAPER headlines report that the Environment Agency (EA) is, at last, admitting its policy of raising the flood banks around the Humber Estuary is not going to prevent flooding, and is therefore the wrong policy (The Yorkshire Post, May 8).

I have, for many years, urged the only guaranteed flood defence scheme is a Humber Barrier.

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I repeat once again that the major benefits of such a barrier are:

- Guaranteed protection from a tidal surge;

- A hydro-electric scheme;

- A huge fresh water reservoir, available in times of drought for irrigation;

- Improved land surface drainage;

- Safe shipping channels the length of the estuary;

- Recreational use;

- Improved habitat for flora and fauna.

The Environment Agency will not admit the raising of the bank policy is wrong. The schemes of raised banks in Hull, costing tens of millions of pounds, will not give guaranteed flood protection. There is no need for flooding around the estuary.

A radical change of policy will not be achieved by a Natural England-dominated agency. A Humber Estuary water authority is needed to change the present attitude that flooding is inevitable.

The residents all around the estuary should demand the protection they need and deserve.

Blame Corbyn for May’s woes

From: Garrett Cardwell, Ossett.

IN all conscience, Theresa May has remained true to her promise to complete a deal 
over Brexit.

Despite resistance from certain members of her own party, she has been tireless in trying to conclude the negotiations and get us out of the European Union, as directed by the June 2016 referendum, on a professional and equitable arrangement to all 27 members.

There has been, however, one major obstacle – that of the Labour Party, its leader and its entrenched bigoted hierarchy whose sole aim has been to obstruct, for no or little reason, every compromise in order to destroy the Government and force a general election.

I blame Jeremy Corbyn entirely and so does the electorate who, in the recent local elections, have shown their displeasure. Corbyn and his cronies should realise their political stupidity and accept that the deal negotiated by Mrs May is the only credible option.

By doing so, he will show the electorate political maturity which will swing votes in his favour. But no, he has failed miserably, and so the saga continues with yet another election for the European Parliament – a total waste of time and money.

From: Nick Martinek, Briarlyn Road, Huddersfield.

WHEN this utter shambles of a Remain government finally collapses, Tory MPs, including Theresa May, will be able to congratulate themselves on a job well done. The UK has been turned into a colony of the EU – as Guy Verhofstadt’s staffers gloated was their aim all along. Whether Tory MPs will be around to gloat with them is unlikely.

Remain MPs were inclined to call us Leave voters thick and uneducated, but their showing of incompetence, treason, malice and sheer stupidity is likely to result in the break up of the UK, an anti-Semitic Marxist government, and impoverishment, as well as continued subjugation to the EU. They have been dupes not only of the EU, but of Remain civil servants such as Olly Robbins.

Blair led to Windrush

From: John King, Thurgoland, Sheffield.

HAVING followed the Windrush scandal involving people who are in this country quite legally, it is quite embarrassing to see this witch-hunt removing these people from Britain.

I consider this is because of Tony Blair and the European Union with its policy of free movement within the United States of Europe has created an explosion of uncontrolled immigration into this country.

It has placed stress on the NHS, social services, schools. police and transport systems. This has also taken a toll on the younger generation seeking jobs as they are quite often undercut by cheaper EU immigrant labour.

Beckham no role model

From: Tony Armitage, Fulwith Road, Harrogate.

I HAVE no interest in football, but I always considered David Beckham to be a role model for young people and a person of good character (The Yorkshire Post, May 10 and 11).

My impressions were severely dented when he consciously decided to use Mr Loophole to avoid a speeding conviction on a technicality and now “to have no recollection of using a mobile phone when driving”, despite being photographed doing so by a member of the public, shows his continuing contempt for the law. He has now joined the despicable league of personalities and politicians who consider themselves above and beyond the law.

Crows need to be culled

From: Jarvis Browning, Fadmoor, York.

ONLY the other day, a couple of crows or rooks targeteted a young beautiful song thrush. Whilst its parents tried in vain to defend it, alas it lost its battle to the crows. We don’t need anymore of this butchering. They do need to be culled if we wish to preserve our depleted songbirds. A sad day it was, in the rain too. This happened on our village green in Fadmoor.