Why protest against climate change in UK which has cut emissions? - Yorkshire Post letters

From: Richard Wood, Farnley Tyas.

Do you agree with this reader's view on climate change protests?
Do you agree with this reader's view on climate change protests?

We are all aware that the climate is changing, some of this is natural, which we can’t control and some man-made, which we can manage better through business and individual self-management. But is naive to believe we will ever achieve a zero-emission state, as many eminent scientists have already said.

The UK has reduced its CO2 emissions by 50 per cent to a one per cent contribution to the world’s emissions.

Whilst the protesters have every right to protest, they have no right to disrupt anybody going about their normal business and that includes what must be an unlawful act to barricade BP’s headquarters this week.

Hopefully the police or legal action will ensure the company, which has the right to carry out its lawful business, will not be too inconvenienced and they are removed forthwith.

The protesters do themselves no favours acting in this way and in light of the UK’s world-leading policies in emissions, they would be better advised to go and protest in the other countries which are major emitters of CO2.

But I suspect they would not get such an easy ride as they are having now, to not much effect on a soft target.