Why the Remain-biased John Bercow will go down as the worst Speaker in history – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Jayne K Ayde, Director, Get Britain Out.

John Bercow will retire as Speaker on October 31.

JOHN Bercow has announced his resignation as Speaker of the House of Commons, and whilst we welcome his retirement, we fear it has not come soon enough (The Yorkshire Post, September 10.

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Speakers are guardians of our constitution and yet John Bercow has used his 10 years in the chair to degrade, not only the image of Parliament, but also the prestige the position was held in by the British people.

Opposition MPs applauded Jhn Bercow when he announced details of his retirement.

He has allegedly belittled and bullied female members of the Government; he presided over an inquiry into bullying of Parliamentary staff, when he stood accused of bullying himself; he has broken conventions and ignored constitutional principles on a whim. He will go down as one of the worst Speakers in the history of the House of Commons.

In seeking his replacement, MPs should consider very carefully whoever they appoint. If we are forced to endure another ‘activist’ Speaker of the Commons, I am very concerned the role will be forever tainted and the Speaker will no longer able to fulfil the unbiased constitutional role assigned to the office – that of the ‘Voice of the House of Commons’. Parliament deserves better than another John Bercow, who should resign immediately.