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WHO has been making profound points this week? Here’s a selection of wise, and unwise, words.

I AM one of the last of those old-school-tie, cuff-shooting actors. The classic English gentleman has disappeared. Manners have gone out of the window. – Nigel Havers saying there was now a perception that you have to apologise for being posh.

WHEN I was young I was ferocious. I just wanted to rule the world so my anger would be obvious. As I got older you choose your moments and sometimes I would manufacture that anger with no reason at all and at other times you just have to keep quiet. – Sir Alex Ferguson, former Manchester United manager.

HE is not left-wing enough to lure people back to Labour. – Former miners’ leader Arthur Scargill on Jeremy Corbyn.

MY mother always said there’s history in drain covers. I take pictures of them. People think it’s a little odd but there we are. – Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

FOR the record, I never sang God Save the Queen at events. I don’t do singing. – Labour’s John Prescott, a former Deputy Prime Minister.

WE all love to flirt, it doesn’t mean you’re going to bring the person home or have a sleepover. – Dallas star Linda Gray saying she is happy to be single.

AGED 12, I had my appendix removed to get out of a game of rugby. I faked a stomach ache and the doctor called my bluff. – Broadcaster Gyles Brandreth.

I DON’T have anything to say to them. They just have to look at me. – 2003 rugby World Cup winner Lawrence Dallaglio’s response when asked what he says to boys who start courting his daughters.

MANY directors have hired me instead of someone else because they have not been able to express themselves. If you play anger and sadness and nothing is moving, it is not going to work. – Actress Jane Seymour who refuses to have facelifts.

I AM not neutral. I don’t even know what a neutral human being is. It’s impossible to be neutral. – Channel Four’s Jon Snow on war reporting.

I WILL never harden my heart , but I have toughened the muscles around it. – Singer Dolly Parton.