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Some pearls of wisdom from The Yorkshire Post this week.

PLAYERS can be replaced, managers can be replaced, but people like you, Kath, are irreplaceable. – Kevin Keegan pays tribute to Kath Cassidy, 88, after Newcastle United’s tea lady stepped down from her match day duties following more than 50 years of service.

£64 a ticket. But without fans football is not worth a penny! – Protest banner held aloft by Bayern Munich fans during Tuesday’s Champions League game at Arsenal.

WHEN I die, the headlines will say something like ‘Actress gets cut off’. – Maureen Lipman fears that her BT commercials will follow her to the grave.

AN arrogant patrician and out-of-touch - pig-headed, some might say. – Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, attacks David Cameron.

WE’RE all Eurosceptics now. I don’t see any Euro-fanatics around the Cabinet table. – Defence Secretary Michael Fallon.

I HOPE we will see again those gems of prudence and wise judgement that drew me to the Conservative Party before it is too late. – Tory MP Heidi Allen’s maiden speech on proposed changes to tax credits.

TEESSIDE is doing well. – Northern Powerhouse Minister James Wharton, the Stockton South MP, talks up Redcar and Middlesbrough’s prospects after 1,700 people lost their jobs with the closure of the SSI steel plant.

WE have a local MP, James Wharton, who is supposed 
to be responsible for the 
Northern Powerhouse – he’s come across as an absolute clown. A joke. And he will become accountable at the next election. – Steve Gibson, chairman and owner of Middlesbrough FC.

I AM not a celebrity chef. A celebrity chef is a chef who 
spends more time on television than in their kitchen. The television work that I have done is a by-product of my job, it has never ever taken over my life. – Michel Roux Jr.

THE day cannot be too far off when you have to pay for toilet paper by the sheet in a little booth manned by a volunteer. – Writer Bill Bryson who has accused the National Trust of fleecing tourists.