Writers’ block in the age of Twitter – The Yorkshire Post says

IT is perhaps an inevitable consequence of a society in which the written word is so often reduced to 280 characters of invective, punctuated by stone-age iconography, that the art of writing itself should have been comprehensively devalued.

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We learn today from the Parliamentary Writers Group that those who earn their living from stringing more than two words together have seen their earnings fall by more than 40 per cent on average in the last decade. Worse, female authors earn around a quarter less than their male counterparts.

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Those behind the report have recommended that the Government take action on protecting writers’ copyright and recognising the contribution made to the economy by the creative industries.

Yet politicians themselves have hastened the flight from culture by embracing the antidote to it that social media provides. They need look no further than their texting fingers for the first clue to reclaiming it.