Yorkshire Post columnists have offered valid points on Brexit - Yorkshire Post letters

From: David Armitage, Altofts, Normanton.

Politicians are doing their utmost to ignore the Brexit referendum result, this reader claims. Photo: PA/Daniel Leal-Olivas

Your letters pages have been full to overflowing with letters about Brexit, and up to today, I have avoided adding to them.

Many political/professional commentators have for weeks offered what, in my opinion, are heavily biased opinions. The ‘blame’ game has also been rampant for several weeks, with some of the most bitter criticisms seen for some time.

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The exception, to those commentators, published in The Yorkshire Post have been your own Tom Richmond and Bill Carmichael, who have offered succinct and fair remarks. Many of their valid points should, I feel, have been adopted by the so-called professional politicians. Cuttings of Messrs Richmond and Carmichael’s opinions have been so close to my own they have been sent to my cousins in Canada.

I do find it surprising that over the weeks, no mention has been made of the roles of David Davis and Boris Johnson, both of whom were instrumental in the early negotiations, and both of whom resigned from Government, with self-interest seemingly being paramount in obtaining future power.

A national vote by the people has been held, and to her credit the Prime Minister regularly has said “Brexit means Brexit”. Obviously the elected politicians think only they know best and will do their utmost to ignore the National Vote (The Peoples Vote).

From: Dave Croucher, Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster.

How can Vince Cable and the rest of the Liberal Democrats seriously stand up and say they are members of this party?

Their position on the EU Referendum, means they have no idea what-so-ever the meaning of the word “Democratic”. It started with Clegg – he promised the students he would stand against any type of tuition fee, then David Cameron offered him a position in Government, and he promptly did an about turn and stabbed the students in the back. Now we have Vince Cable who does not seem to know the meaning of majority vote, but if he does, he should not be leading any democratic party.

From: John F Parker, Baildon, Shipley.

One factor in the sad story of British Steel in Scunthorpe is the EU demand for £120m under the emissions trading scheme coupled with the withholding of money which should be due under the carbon credits scheme because we have not passed the withdrawal agreement to leave the EU. We have to leave this corrupt and undemocratic institution.

From: Arthur Quarmby, Mill Moor Road, Meltham.

A week ago we learned that British Steel was in financial trouble, and that the government was rescuing it.

A few days later we learned that they were again in financial trouble, and from the first announcement by the BBC relearned that the latest trouble was a massive fine from the EU to pay for the plant’s emissions. (Scunthorpe had forgotten 
about it, having assumed we would have been out of the EU long ago).

Crime put on back burner

From: Robert Holman, Marsden Court, Farsley.

Reading the daily appalling headlines on crime in our once civilised country with no sign of a cure, I wonder if its due to our politicians spending three years of Brexit talking without showing any form of progress or profit. In any other occupation, their jobs would have been terminated a long time ago.

Still what do I know? A 94 year old veteran well passed my sell by date many moons ago!

Seagull has the right idea

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

GP TAYLOR gives a chilling account of how the marvels of today’s technology are also a Godsend to the sick and twisted minds of trolls (The Yorkshire Post, May 22).

So too are the technoholics who, intentionally or not, urge them on. I particularly enjoyed his account of the seagull’s direct and trenchant comment on the “electric reverie” of the visiting Whitby students. Oh to be a seagull for just one day!

In praise of Sea Scouts

From: Mrs J Glover, Guildway, Halifax.

I WAS interested to read the letter (The Yorkshire Post, May 4) about Sea Scouts in the First World War. My father born in 1901 was a Sea Scout in Halifax and was sent to assist coastguards in Saltburn and Whitby when he was 14. He often spoke of it and said they were paid by the admiralty on shilling and six pence per day.

They were only allowed to stay three months because of their age. Too old for service in the Second World War, my father was one of the first to join Local Defence Volunteers, later named Home Guard. I still have the LDV armband he was issued but in these parts LDV were known as “Look, Duck and Vanish”.

Second-class status in US

From: Mr PL Taylor, Milner Street, Lockwood, Huddersfield.

Even in the case of rape and incest, abortion is to be banned in Alabama. Obviously in the state of Alabama, women are treated very much as second class citizens with no say whatsoever happens to their bodies.

Isn’t it time that Donald Trump got a grip on his country and had the right to overrule decisions made by individual State Governors and leaders? Sometimes the USA, the richest country in the world, on certain issues reverts back to the 17th century.