YP Comment: China challenge

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AT least Chinese investors appear to have more faith in Sheffield city centre’s future economic potential than David Cameron’s government which was all for closing the regional office of the then Department of Business, Industry and Skills earlier this year?

The South Yorkshire city’s burgeoning partnership with the Sichuan Guodong Group can only be beneficial if Sheffield is to compete with regional national and international rivals. Its leaders can’t afford to wait for Government handouts that might never come; they have to be more proactive if they are to attract new jobs in sufficient numbers.

However, it’s important that opportunities are not just restricted to the heart of Sheffield where the proposed HS2 station could kickstart other regeneration opportunities if and when high-speed rail comes to fruition.

Irrespective of whether South Yorkshire gains its own super-mayor next year, or not, more needs to be done to create jobs and employment opportunities in those areas which remain blighted by above-average levels of poverty. Perhaps the Chinese can provide some advice on how to speed up the construction of those infrastructure projects which have the potential to make a genuine difference.

Why China could hold key to Sheffield’s economic future