YP Comment: Morrisons makes its move at last

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THE best in the business under Sir Ken Morrison, it’s heartening that his supermarket empire Morrisons is enjoying an upturn in its financial fortunes.

Shoppers truly care about this Yorkshire institution, hence the dismay when a succession of poor managers pursued one flawed business strategy after another when the discount chains were establishing their presence on the High Street.

Yet it is slightly ironic that this revival is being driven, in part, by The Best range of food where shoppers can buy premium food and ready-made meals at affordable prices. Morrisons – and other established supermarkets – need to aspire to be the best at all times, both in terms of produce and customer service, if they’re to prosper in an increasingly consumer-driven society. Taking customers for granted has proved to be a very expensive lesson.

UPDATED: Simply the Best as sales soar at Morrisons