YP Comment: Quiet resumption

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AS the terror atrocity in Manchester becomes even more heartbreaking as the names emerged of the innocents murdered as they left a pop concert, the resumption of the General Election will feel incongruous, even irrelevant, to some people, not least those communities mourning loved ones.

With little public appetite for an election when Theresa May went to the country, there’s even less enthusiasm now in many quarters. Yet, with polling day exactly two weeks away, a prolonged cessation of campaigning hands plays into the hands those extremists intent of undermining Britain’s democratic process – the essence of a civilised society.

Yet, while it was right that politicians, and the country at large, paid their respects for 48 hours as the world came to terms with this tragedy, the time is also right for a quiet resumption of the election campaign. After all, it’s not just Brexit that is at stake but the country’s national security and community relations and these matters should 
be debated.

Provided candidates are mindful of the awful events in Manchester, and don’t exploit the tragedy for personal advantage, they should be capable of discussing these matters in a civilised manner. If not, let the electorate be the judge on June 8. The murder last June of Batley & Spen MP Jo Cox was supposed to change political discourse for the better. It did not. The name-calling and insults had become just as venomous prior to an unedifying campaign coming to such an abrupt halt. Now is the time for candidates to show the level of respect that the country should expect, by right, of its Honorable and Right Honorable MPs.