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Trump backs Farage for US Ambassador role
Trump backs Farage for US Ambassador role
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IF Donald Trump believes that Nigel Farage’s negotiating skills are so vital to the future of the supposed ‘special relationship’ between the United States and Great Britain, why does the President-elect not appoint the interim Ukip leader as America’s next ambassador to this country?

This would be within the gift of the incoming president, who made the unhelpful suggestion during one of his late-night Twitter rants which appear to be Mr Trump’s concept of diplomacy. It’s not his prerogative, however, to embarrass Theresa May and undermine Kim Darroch, the UK’s representative in Washington, in this way and before he even assumes office.

Yet, while Mr Farage will clearly milk his ‘trump card’ to intensify pressure on Mrs May over Brexit, he does admit to various failings when it comes to his diplomatic skills. The same can also be said of the leader who will, on January 20, become the most powerful man in the world.