YP Letters: A few pence a day that can mean life or death to breast cancer sufferers

Should more money be spent on drugs to fight breast cancer?
Should more money be spent on drugs to fight breast cancer?
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From: Lorna Field, Menston, Ilkley.

I READ with great concern the news that thousands of women are missing out on cheap drugs that could prevent their breast cancer from spreading – when it becomes incurable – because it is unclear which health body should pay for them. A breast cancer diagnosis can be devastating for patients and their families.

If there are drugs out there that can prevent women dying from this dreadful disease, they must be made routinely available. I know this because I am one of those women diagnosed. I am 43-years-old with three children, and currently I am not able to get these drugs.

These drugs – called bisphosphonates – cost on average just 43p per day, and if given to all women who could benefit, one in 10 breast cancer deaths could be prevented. It simply doesn’t make sense that lives are being lost over this confusion over funding.

That’s why I’m backing Breast Cancer Now’s #43paday campaign, calling on my MP to urge the Health Secretary to clarify who is responsible for funding these drugs and ensure clear guidance is issued, as soon as possible.