YP Letters: A leap into the unknown – is EU exit worth the risks?

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From: Ron Goldthorpe, Highstone Lane, Worsbrough, Barnsley.

MANY years ago as a young man. I returned from holiday a day early to vote against staying in the EU. I have since realised that we cannot afford to pull out into the unknown. We cannot turn the clock back 40 years. The world has moved on. It will not make a lot of difference to oldies like me, but please consider the future of your children and grandchildren before you cast your vote.

From: Billy Walton, Harrogate.

WHAT has happened to the fighting spirit and ‘get-up-and-go’ of the British people? It was on the toil and enterprise of the common folk over many centuries that Britain earned the right to become Great Britain. Surely our nation is able to prosper again without the dead hand of EU bureaucracy?

From: Malcolm Taylor, Bessacarr, Doncaster.

I AM trying to vote with my children and grandchildren in mind, to establish what is best for them, for Yorkshire and my country. Like many I have not made a decision yet, because I do not know the implications.

I also believe that whatever the result of the referendum, this will not be the end of it. Arguments, blame and recriminations will follow this current period of turmoil, to be replaced by another.

From: David Smith, Kirk Ella.

CONGRATULATIONS to Sarah Todd bringing the first breath of life to this debate (The Yorkshire Post, June 4). Her article was so well reasoned and illustrated such sound Yorkshire grit that I was bowled over by such a display of common sense, a very rare commodity these days.

I move Sarah for Prime Minister.

From: Bryan Burgess, Birch Drive, Willerby.

YOU only have to look back at past reactions to an unfavourable referendum result (Ireland and Denmark) requiring a repeat vote until the “right” answer comes up. It is clear that the people are largely viewed as a nuisance to be bulldozed aside. Ultimately, one can only describe the EU as an undemocratic organisation. Vote leave.

From: J Waring, Market Weighton, York.

I THINK the opportunity to come out of Europe must be taken now. We might not be as well off for a few years but, being Brits, we will bounce back.