YP Letters: A world of opportunity outside EU

David Cameron during a Remain rally.
David Cameron during a Remain rally.
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From: David Gray, Liversedge.

SURELY our inherent ingenuity and industry, which has shown itself over many years, even before the EU, will allow us to pick up any issues thrown at us and develop solutions? There is a whole world out here and we need to use our “can do” attitude to succeed. Some reports say that the EU has developed less than many other countries in recent years.

There are interesting and beautiful places, as well as friendly people, in Europe as there are in the UK. People will not stop travelling, and the conditions of travelling will soon be resolved because of the pressures within all countries to maintain, or increase, their tourist trade.

From: KE Nichols, Drury Close, Pannal, Harrogate.

IF the British electorate vote to remain in the EU, nothing will change. The UK will be badly governed by unelected people in Brussels and Strasbourg without recourse to democracy.

The euro is failing, unemployment in the Eurozone is rising. Trade in the Eurozone/EU is falling and those in charge seem unaware at what is happening, except in their own tiny world.

From: Ivor R Johns, Heanor Road, Smalley, Derbyshire.

NORWAY is not a member of the EU, and is not in the CAP, so has control over her own agriculture.

Also, out of the CFP (Common Fisheries Policy), Norway has control over her fisheries. What a contrast to the sell-out in Ted Heath’s day. Brexit is surely an essential step towards recovery in the fishing industry.

From: Chris Schorah, Leeds.

IN his article on the EU referendum (The Yorkshire Post, June 1), Qari Asim, an imam, manages to mention Muslims and their faith nine times. The following day Neil McNicholas, a parish priest, writing about the use of English, doesn’t mention his Christian faith once.

Is this different attitude to their faiths widespread in the two religions?

From: Phil Hanson, Baildon.

IT is not racist to want to manage or curb immigration but simply a case of planning our society, alas something successive Labour and Conservative governments have failed to do.

From: Robert Bottamley, Thorn Road, Hedon.

I WAS surprised to learn that former Prime Minister John Major is angry because the British people are deceived by politicians: over the course of a long Westminster career, it never seems to have troubled him before.

From: Nigel Bywater, Morley.

UNDER the Conservatives the UK has become a much more divided country, we need to vote them out at the earliest opportunity; only then will things change.

From: Tony Morris, Horsforth.

BILL Carmichael’s article (The Yorkshire Post, June 3) and the concerns of other contributors are spot on. The prospects of being mown down by a gun-wielding terrorist in my local supermarket is regrettably a reality. Their success will almost certainly be dependant upon their mobility, which includes cross border movement. Leaving the EU is the only option.

From: Nick Yates, Laverock Lane, Brighouse.

THE EU is ruining Europe and will collapse. We should take the opportunity to leave in an orderly manner now rather than in the chaos to come and put ourselves in a better position to help our friends in Europe in the future.

From: Roger Brown, Sandal, Wakefield.

RATHER than thanking us by remaining in the EU, our children and grandchildren will ask us why we surrendered our sovereignty, traditions and principles dating back hundreds of years. You can probably guess which way I will vote.

From: Martin Crowson, Market Place, Leyburn.

BREXIT obsessive Michael Gove was this week compared to a Great War general, blowing the whistle to go over the top without a care about the likely casualty rate. The same accusation may be levelled at Richmond MP Rishi Sunak. Speaking to an audience in Leyburn, he admitted that the UK economy would suffer fallout from Brexit. He articulated no post-Brexit plan.

From: Anthony Spencer, Wingfield Road, Alfreton.

I’M a little confused by what I’m hearing from the Labour party that an exit from the EU would damage workers rights in the UK.

Are they saying that the British public are too weak to elect a Government that protects their interests; and too weak to vote out a Government that damages worker’s rights?

From: Laurence J Sowden, Far Lane, Kettlewell.

WE have come to something when the remain team have to call upon the WWF and the RSPB to support there case in the increasingly bitter debate about EEC membership. To suggest that conservation is better served by being in the EEC is probably the daftest claim yet.

From: Frank Bond, Doncaster.

I AM getting fed up with people saying “If it wasn’t for European funding...” Where do they think the money is coming from?

Here is an analogy: European funding is a lottery where some countries, such as Britain, Germany and France, pay huge amounts for their tickets with no chance of ever winning more than they have paid and the other 25 countries pay next to nothing for their tickets with no chance of losing. Would you buy a ticket?

From: David Tree-Booker, Milnthorpe Lane, Wakefield.

RECENT polls suggest the majority of voters aged under 30 would vote to remain in the EU. Many of this cohort will be at the Glastonbury Festival on June 23. It would be a pity if the UK left the EU because of this event.