YP Letters: Advice to young on looking after the pennies

Don't buy gadgets if you can't afford them.
Don't buy gadgets if you can't afford them.
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From: J Hutchinson, Kirbymoorside.

HERE we go again – the young bemoaning their lot as regards money while mistakenly viewing older people as affluent.

I give young people the advice we have always followed throughout our lives.

If it is not an essential item and you cannot afford it, don’t buy it.

If you cannot afford luxuries such as clubbing, takeaways, gadgets, phone contracts etc. do without them until you can, importantly forget about keeping up with the Joneses as regards latest trends.

Instead of going out, why not get friends in to your home? Make pizzas together, which costs next to nothing, put some music on and dance but don’t spend a fortune on drink, it 
only gives you a headache, 
find things in your area that 
don’t cost anything – who 
knows, you may find you enjoy them.

Finally never get into 
debt, whether for your 
own things or Christmas presents.

Remember possessions 
are just things that go past 
their usefulness and become clutter, but people and 
friends are there forever and they cost nothing.