YP Letters: Alternative devolution plan ignored

Peter Box, left, at the opening of the new entrance to Leeds Station with other political leaders.
Peter Box, left, at the opening of the new entrance to Leeds Station with other political leaders.
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From: Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon.

IN the Business Comment (The Yorkshire Post, January 26), we are told that the chairman of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA), Councillor Peter Box, is “relaxed” that other areas are moving ahead with devolution plans whilst ours continue to be the subject of argument.

Unfortunately it seems that Coun Box, and his Labour cohorts on the WYCA, intend to try to do a deal based only on the Leeds City Region. They obviously have no interest whatever in the alternative proposal for a Greater Yorkshire deal covering the bulk of the county apart from the Sheffield area.

It is the view of many that the Leeds City Region is moving its proposal forward largely on political grounds, and will not countenance an alternative Greater Yorkshire bid despite this being the wish of many.

With leaders such as these, with their apparent agenda to maintain control at all costs, we really are being very poorly served. In this instance it would be nice if the Government felt able to take the decision out of the hands of councillors such as Peter Box.

Worries over Trump win

From: Don Burslam, Elm Road, Dewsbury Moor, Dewsbury.

DONALD Trump seems to be unstoppable and this must be a worry for us, and for the whole world for that matter. Some may say that it is for the Americans to choose their own leader but the UK is very much yoked to the US whether we like it or not.

America’s system has thrown up some dubious people in the past with Harding, Reagan and Clinton to name but a few. The fact that they are leaders of the free world seems inescapable. After all the crash of 2008 started in the States when another incompetent, Mr Bush, was in charge.

Leaving party politics to one side, our system is more tightly controlled and we have over the years avoided being landed with the likes of Mr Trump. I know several Americans who are charming and generous individually but the obsession with guns and the lack of a comprehensive health service are major flaws which seem to be embedded in their society.

EU issue is not for US banks

From: D Wood, Howden.

WHAT an absolute outrage that American banks Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are going to be allowed to donate to the campaign to keep the UK in the EU. Surely this is a matter for the British people alone to decide; and something that all foreigners, including the EU, should keep their noses out of?

If, as David Cameron has said, he wants a free and fair in/out referendum, these American firms should be barred from donating. The only reason the Americans want us to stay in the EU is for their financial gains.

From: John Watson, Hutton Hill, Leyburn.

I READ that there are moves afoot in Brussels towards the formation of a European defence force commanded totally from either Brussels or Paris. I ask your readers to just sit back and digest what is being proposed. Never before have we, in these islands, been sent in to battle on the whim of somebody of a different nation. If ever there was a dilution of one’s sovereignty, this must be it.

Power of the Land Rover

From: Dennis Whitaker, Baildon, Shipley.

IN the summer of 1949, the father of a school-friend was driving me home. He was a farmer and we were in his new Land Rover. I was enthusiastic about his 
new vehicle so he demonstrated by driving off the road, down a one in three embankment 
into a field and then back 

In 1955, (now in the RAF) we had a Hunter jet fighter with one wheel sinking into the grass. The aircraft was much heavier than the Land Rover but that did not stop the wheels turning slowly in an attempt to free the aircraft.

A few years later, I used a Land Rover to tow a Canberra Jet Bomber up a slight incline into a hanger in Cyprus. Since then, I have had nothing but admiration for these vehicles. I know all good things must come to an end but it was with a heavy heart that the last Land Rover (Defender) came off the production line.

Thrilled by the gymnasts

From: Frank R Hindmarsh, Osborne Road, Harrogate.

I had what I can only describe as a most superb afternoon at Gymfest in Leeds. I have been involved in sport for most of my life but what I witnessed was mind-blowing. It involved about 800 children from four to 17 with a few more senior athletes.

The antics of these gymnasts was to me extraordinary, not because of the triple somersaults which left me gasping, but because of the strict discipline maintained throughout each programme.

The training carried out by the young people must have involved hours of work by them and the instructors and I applaud them.

At 81, I take great courage in the knowledge that we have such children and people who demonstrate such care and enjoyed the experience.