YP Letters: Angry response to call for end to monarchy

The Duke of Edinburgh
The Duke of Edinburgh
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From: Mrs C Todd, Bewholme, Driffield.

I READ GP Taylor’s recent article on the monarchy with increasing disbelief and anger.

He refers to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as “Elizabeth Windsor” which for a start is degrading.

If he really believes that this country would be better and richer as a republic, he is pretty stupid.

I know many people in both the US and Europe who envy our Royal family and certainly a huge proportion of foreign tourists come here because we have not empty museums or palaces but lived-in ones.

Of course they don’t “get to meet the Queen” (his words). Very few people have that privilege but they do see the changing of the Guard and Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Palace of Holyrood – all used and kept in excellent order.

Yes, I am a royalist and proud of it, as are thousands of others in the UK.

From: Violet Laws, Yafforth, Northallerton.

AS an avid reader of The Yorkshire Post for many years, 
I am more than surprised 
that you would stoop so 
low as to print the recent 
article by GP Taylor entitled 
“Our Queen should be Elizabeth the Last”.