YP Letters: Blundering into Brexit without any benefits of leaving

Should there be a second referendum on Brexit?
Should there be a second referendum on Brexit?
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From: Frank Saggerson, Wood Lane, Bramley, Rotherham.

AT the time of the EU referendum, I, like millions of others, wasn’t aware of the implications of voting to leave. As a result, a small margin carried the vote and off we went.

Since then, I have had time to follow events and I am concerned that we appear to be blundering on without any firm benefits for leaving.

There is a great danger that the UK will disintegrate and the overseas doctors, nurses, hotel staff and farm workers will no longer be available.

Banks are already threatening to move abroad and the wealth of the country will decline. We will become isolated in world matters and vulnerable in terms of negotiations.

It would make sense for Theresa May to hold a further referendum to see whether the public confirms the decision to leave or puts pressure on her to spend the cash she is offering to invest in this country instead of bribing Europe.

From: David Downs, Sandal, Wakefield.

HERE we go again, Remainers considering themselves better educated and more honest than the Brexit supporters with expressions like “the naivety of those who support Brexit” and “if Leavers had run an honest campaign” (Don Burslam and John Turley, The Yorkshire Post, January 2).

Both the EU and UK economies depend upon a fair and reasonable trading agreement with each other. My generation entered the Common Market based on purely a trading agreement only.

Norway and Switzerland have workable trading agreements but never joined the EU political institutions who, like we Brexit supporters, value their own unique laws and traditions and are not prepared to be dictated to by ignorant unelected bureaucrats.

I am sure that most of the Brexit supporters would be happy with a Swiss/Norway compromise and keep our borders as open as possible.

From: Gordon Lawrence, Sheffield.

THIS Remainer caucus will do almost anything to thwart our exit from the EU. And there’s one thing that these snooty, superannuated, all-knowing grandees, such as Lord Heseltine, hardly ever do and that is forecast where the moribund EU godfathers intend to take us.

They have no faith in the British people who, free from the shackles of the EU’s oppressive bureaucracy, will be able to engage with other nations.