YP Letters: Breaking news on media’s role in shaping Brexit opinion

From: Brian H Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

GORDON Lawrence ascribes Remainers’ obduracy to the fact “that a majority of our population don’t read serious newspapers like The Yorkshire Post” and blames the the anti-Brexit TV news media (The Yorkshire Post, October 2).

Yet a large minority of of the electorate read popular newspapers well to the right of The Yorkshire Post such as the Sun, the Daily Mail and the Daily Express which eclipse the left-leaning Daily Mirror in circulation.

Of the “serious” newspapers, sales of the Telegraph – the mouthpiece of Tory Britain and a powerful influence on the people who are most likely to vote – far outweigh those of the Guardian and other, almost esoteric titles.

Moreover, Oxford University research is reported to have shown that TV news media viewing figures are declining more rapidly than newspaper sales.

The curse of the referendum has been the closeness of the result. If Remain had won narrowly, does anyone really believe that would have been the end of the Leave campaign?

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

PLEASE allow me to cheer Brian Sheridan’s letter to the echo (The Yorkshire Post, September 30).

My approach, to paraphrase him, was: “If Ukip think it’s a good idea, there must be something bad in it.”

I agree that going back would weaken us; but wouldn’t knowing where we were heading aid our recovery? We – or rather 52 per cent of 70 per cent of us – railroaded us all into this, using xenophobia and very dodgy “facts”.

We are now swerving and lurching down this road, using a suspect SatNav, heading for some bondage-releasing Nirvana – or so we are told.

Of even greater importance: Brexit is not about us, so much as our children and grandchildren. Brexit, we are endlessly told, is “the democratic will of the people”. Doesn’t British democracy give us a chance to change our minds every five years – or less, if circumstances dictate?

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

LOOKING at the way that Spanish riot police attacked the Catalan people trying to exert their democratic right to vote, who can’t see that the EU, of which Spain is a dependent part, is not interested in democracy, and that is why we should have no part in this corrupt community?

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