YP Letters: Bridal veil is a Western symbol of purity, not criminality

Boris Johnson.
Boris Johnson.
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From: Keith Alford, Canterbury Crescent, Fulwood, Sheffield.

THERE have been several contributions in your columns in support of Boris Johnson, dismissing his tasteless and carefully chosen words concerning Islamic dress as no more than a humorous aside.

However none has put forward an argument as unpleasant and untrue as that of Peter Haw (The Yorkshire Post, August 18), in which he asserts that in Western culture face covering has always been associated with criminality and intimidation.

Facial covering was used in the classical world as a sign of status or of purity. The veil has been used to signify mourning or modesty, the most enduring trace of this being the bridal veil. Islamic dress developed for a variety of cultural, social and religious reasons, not always to the benefit of the wearer – hardly a major threat to our values.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

I PERSONALLY shall be glad when Brexit is all over – one way or the other.

I never really had much time for politicians to start with but now, after seeing and hearing about the devious ways they have tried to influence the outcome, I have even less trust in them. Top of the list of traitors is Theresa May, our unworthy Prime Minister. Thus speaks a man who voted Tory.

From: Cecil Crinnion, Sycamore Close, Slingsby, York.

I WONDER if Jeremy Corbyn still admires the policies of Venezuela’s left-wing government? Just think, if had he been elected last year, Britain could also have enjoyed all the benefits of a left-wing government like that of Venezuela, and which the electorate there can’t get rid of.

From: Harvey Alexander, Leeds.

THERE are thousands of acres of brownfield sites in West Yorkshire towns and cities where factories and slums once stood, and where affordable houses could be built. Councils should also demolish most of the older council estates, where the houses have huge gardens by today’s standards, and build new energy efficient houses on the land.

The Government should establish an independent public housing corporation, established by charter like the BBC, which could borrow money from the public at attractive rates, with depositors’ money guaranteed by the Government, as it does for money deposited in banks and building societies.