YP Letters: Building 3,000 new homes would destroy our way of life

Housing protesters from Green Hammerton lobby Harrogate Council.
Housing protesters from Green Hammerton lobby Harrogate Council.
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From: Sarah and Simon Shaw, Long Marston.

IT has become apparent that Harrogate Council is not prepared to support the knowledgeable views of the local community who are opposed to the new settlement proposed for Green Hammerton.

This area is known for its flooding – in particular last year the A59 and Cattal areas flooded several times.

This area already has inadequate public transport, due to infrequent and very limited bus and train services, Thus making the choice of travel the car for the new population of the 3,000 homes.

The A59 is already severely congested during rush hour and additional vehicles will certainly encourage commuters to cut through our villages to save on travelling time. This will create a danger to the population of the villages.

In Long Marston, we have no traffic control, no crossing facilities or road safety provision. This village is becoming a short cut to the A64 from the A59 and the A1M link road. The B1224 has seen a huge increase of traffic since the opening of the A1M.

It is apparent that the council has very little interest in the east side of the borough of Harrogate, having only recently ignored the objections to the building of the North Allerton waste plant.

It would be very advantageous to know what percentage of new- build housing has already taken place within our radius.

Harrogate Council needs to travel to Tadcaster, an area similar to the proposed site at Green Hammerton, to fully establish the complete devastation of the effect that 3,000 new homes would have on our surrounding villages.

We chose to move to the countryside to be away from town life, and yet Harrogate Council can destroy our way of life with a stroke of a pen. The council has a duty of care to its residents, which is currently not being exhibited.

It is time Harrogate Council showed how to be innovative and not destructive to the environment and use the recycled fuel from the Allerton waste plant to be the main provider of fuel for an eco town built on the old Flaxby Golf Course.

It could be a town built with the environment in mind, leading the way in recycled and modern eco ways of living. For example, by building houses which are self-sustained in heat provision, recycled water, Harrogate could be leading the way for other councils to follow in being environmentally friendly.

We need to lobby all our MPs to gain answers to questions that Harrogate Council has ignored.