YP Letters: Can leaving the EU really secure control over borders?

Stringent ID checks take place on cruise ships.
Stringent ID checks take place on cruise ships.
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From: John Fisher, Menwith Hill.

The constant reassurances from the Leave campaign that we would be more able to control our borders outside the EU are an illusion. The truth is that in or out of the EU, the only way to establish the identity of any person with the right to be in the country is by the use of a compulsory identity card like in Spain and many other countries.

Recently, on a cruise, we entered the US and had to have the fingerprints of both hands taken and an eye scan before we were allowed to enter the country – all this after completing a lengthy visa application. Contrast this with Great Britain where a person with no documents cannot be deported. Could this be one of the reasons that Britain is a prime destination for illegal immigrants?

From: Mike Dods, Leeds.

VOTE Leave say we have open borders – ever tried to get into Britain without a passport?. The European Criminal Records System enables us to stop criminals, even EU citizens, from coming to Britain. Didn’t calls to ban Ms Le Pen indicate the Government does control Britain’s borders?

From: David Owen, Eldrick.

IF David Cameron, as the Prime Minister who approved the referendum, had declared that he would stand above the In/Out debate and then, after the result, would lead the country on whichever path it had chosen, he would have shown the sort of statesmanship the country will need in the coming years. In doing so, he could have moderated the friction between the opposing factions in his party from that position.

A great opportunity to be a great statesman missed.

From: Hilary Andrews, Leeds.

DOES anyone really believe Tony Blair’s predictions on the EU referendum after his gross lies over Saddam Hussein and his “weapons of mass destruction”?

From: Dr Glyn Powell, Kellington, Goole.

MOST rational UK citizens will be aware that the European Union is a failed project. It is impossible to harmonise the economies of 28 totally different nations, each having its own culture, political structures, religious beliefs and widely divergent economies.

Britain must withdraw from the EU to protect our democratic institutions, regain control of our borders and develop a strong, industry-based economy.