YP Letters: Charity begins at Eton for the wealthy elite

Should Eton College be paying full business rates?
Should Eton College be paying full business rates?
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From: Barry Geldard, Mytholm, Hebden Bridge.

OUR illustrious former prime minister, David Cameron, once stated that ‘we are all in it together’. The old Etonian must live in a different world to the vast majority.

Your article (The Yorkshire Post, June 12) on the charitable status of many of our private schools states that they are entitled to 80 per cent tax relief on business rates. Eton, for example, is paying £821,000 over five years as opposed to £4m.

Contrast this with state schools paying the full business rate. We currently have a situation where many state-run schools are appealing for financial help from parents to bridge the gap in government funding.

George Orwell in Animal Farm wrote ‘All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others’. With a Cabinet comprising in the main public school and Oxbridge graduates, a ‘jobs for the boys’ clique will perpetuate this sordid situation.

From: Max Nottingham, St Faith’s Street, Lincoln.

THE following phase was often used by Tories during the election campaign: “that sounds like the politics of envy”. People who parrot such phrases seldom mention fairness, greed or even need. And they are often richer than they care to admit.