YP Letters: Clarke and Remain lobby should observe spirit of democracy

Ken Clarke, the former Justice Secretary, remains a passionate supporter of the EU.
Ken Clarke, the former Justice Secretary, remains a passionate supporter of the EU.
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From: Gordon Lawence, Stumperlowe View, Sheffield.

THAT dilapidated, indefatigable old mouthpiece for the Remain lobby, Ken Clarke, has been, since they unbelievingly lost, a continual stirrer of anti-Brexit opinion and now sneeringly asserts that the June referendum was just an opinion poll.

Yes, people gave their opinion and it was a poll but to equate it with the gravity and the millions that were involved with a private company’s small sampling to identify a trend is tendentious nonsense. Ken was one of the original activists supporting Ted Heath in the European Communities Act of 1972. His love of the faltering institution has never diminished in spite of the continual erosion of our sovereignty and democratic status.

The sunshine seems to shine out of every bureaucratic orifice in the eyes of the likes of Ken, Tim Farron, Tony Blair and John Major. Added to these real believers are a host of self-serving acolytes who have revelled in the gravy swilling around Brussels. The EU project we joined started as a fast, streamlined clipper but has grown into a groaning graceless galleon on the verge of capsizing.

But the main cause of concern for Brexiteers, and Clarke and the Remainers have some leverage here, is the attack relating to the judicial aspect of the referendum. Unlike Nick Clegg’s alternative vote referendum, David Cameron’s was legally non-binding, a reflection of the half-hearted response in setting up the June referendum for it was an attempt to stem the menacing advance of Nigel Farage and Ukip, and thus placate the growing unease of Tory MPs and voters.

Referendums are very largely invoked to decide major political issues that usually run across party lines. Thus contentious questions, that would never arise or be adequately dealt with in Parliament, are directly put before the electorate. The June referendum was a quite clear choice and we were told it would be final. To invalidate that outcome would be a monstrous deception. Ken Clarke and the Remain lobby should observe the spirit of democracy for once and support, not weaken, the hand of the Brexit negotiators!

From: John Coles, Baildon.

THOSE in favour of Brexit assert that on June 23 the country spoke, and spoke with a clear voice that the UK should leave the European Union. Remainers such as me have been told that we should “shut up” and “move on”. As the truth emerges – and Brexit lies are exposed – there is desperation on their part to hold on to the June 23 result before total “buyers’ remorse” overtakes it.