YP Letters: Collapsed airline reveals failings of an industry

Could the collapse of airline Monarch have been avoided?
Could the collapse of airline Monarch have been avoided?
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From: Robin Ashley, Sheffield Road, South Anston.

SO the Minister of Employment is self-congratulatory regarding the Monarch airlines debacle (The Yorkshire Post, October 11)?

Monarch has for years had an unenviable reputation for poor service: as well as failure to keep to schedules, which seems to have passed unnoticed.

There was evidence of poor management and arrogance in their dealings with their customers.

They deserved to fail.

The real issue is why the regulatory bodies again failed miserably in dealing with the situation and why Monarch were allowed to move into liquidation at a moment’s notice, leaving so many people stranded?

They obviously knew people would be stranded.

Could they not get them home as a priority and refrain from exporting more people to compound the issue? Liquidation, in my experience, is not an overnight occurrence.

The reality is that the airline industry is poorly managed and regulated. It is driven by an ever-increasing pressure by customers to reduce prices.

When it all goes wrong, as in this case, everyone jumps on the bandwagon.