YP Letters: Culture city snub just shows we were right to leave the EU

Volunteers at the launch of the ill-fated Leeds bid to be the 2023 European Capital of Culture.
Volunteers at the launch of the ill-fated Leeds bid to be the 2023 European Capital of Culture.
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From: Graham Branston, Emmott Drive, Rawdon.

THE political carbuncle that is the European Commission has the audacity to tell the UK cities, including Leeds, that they cannot be considered for the 2023 European Capital of Culture on grounds of “sound and responsible management of human and financial resources”.

Their incompetence and spitefulness strengthens the case for Brexit. We may be leaving the EU, but we are still part of Europe and therefore the name of the competition should be changed to EU City of Culture.

Perhaps the UK should have its own inter-city competition, but not just for culture?

From: John Dawson, Gainsborough Court, Skipton.

RICHARD Wilson of Leeds for Europe in his letter (The Yorkshire Post, November 29) hits out over the EU rejecting the bids of Leeds and other British cities to be European Capital of Culture in 2023. He blames Brexit and says we should stay in the EU. He is right to be upset, but this should be with the petty vindictive EU officials, not the British people who voted to leave.They prove again the same petty and arrogant bullying nature seen to date in the negotiations for us to leave the EU.

What most of us take from all this is how right the British people were to vote to leave.

From: David Brooke, Rawdon.

WELL done Leeds Council – another fine mess at our expense. The EU was never going to give us Capital of Culture status.

From: PK Fellows, Randall Place, Heaton, Bradford.

IF Brexit is to mean we are to trade freely with the rest of the world, we cannot start by seeking to protect our agricultural sector from cheaper food imports, no matter how important the votes of rural constituencies are.

Nor is it in the interests of the public, in a time of declining wages and living standards, to seek to keep food prices in the shops artificially high in order to featherbed inefficient farming practices. Now is the time to repeal these modern “Corn Laws”.

From: A Hague, Bellbrooke Grove, Harehills, Leeds.

I AGREE with letters saying let Theresa May get on with her job. The trouble is the British seem to love kicking people when they are down.

I didn’t vote Conservative myself but do realise she has a tough job with Brexit and needs all the support she can get.