YP Letters: Dales village is still a thriving community

Are there too many second homes in areas like Malham?
Are there too many second homes in areas like Malham?
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From: Stephen Hill, Todwick, Sheffield.

I REFER to the recent letter 
from Keith Walker. His contention that the village of Malham consists of empty, unkempt houses in a dreary setting could not be further from the truth.

The village is mostly early 17th century properties, which means a lot are going on for 400 years old, so you could say they were well built.

No one can start knocking these wonderful old houses about to modernise their outward appearance. Inside they are warm and cosy homes.They are the heart of a very hard working farming community.

The number of holiday homes, as he calls them, number about six, excluding local hostelries and B&Bs.

As for the people with holiday lets, most spend as much time as they can in the village and have many friends among the locals.

The letting by them, to those wanting to holiday there, is very welcome.

One second home has 
recently returned to full-time occupancy and ownership by a local family.

On any weekend, and days throughout the year, 
particularly over Christmas 
and New Year, it is difficult 
to find anywhere to park a car, and no, I don’t live there. I wish I did.