YP Letters: Dancing to BBC’s tune to get Strictly tickets

Strictly Come Dancing's enduring appeal continues.
Strictly Come Dancing's enduring appeal continues.
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From: Margaret Scott, Wrenthorpe.

AS a fan of Strictly Come Dancing, I decided this year to apply 
online for tickets for the Blackpool show, that was 
before I knew the circumstances that those fans who manage 
to be awarded tickets 
have to go through to get their tickets verified and allocated 
a seat.

I understand that more tickets are awarded than there are seats, so fans are required to turn up at 9am on the morning of the show to get seat tickets. But many fans turn up in the early hours to ensure they don’t miss out, often having travelled long distances across the country paying for hotels and travel costs. Apparently the BBC use this method because lots of people apply for tickets but don’t turn up.

I’m not surprised if they learn about the system after they have applied.

According to BBC statistics, this year’s Strictly has had almost five million applications so surely the present system is not necessary.

Fortunately my application wasn’t successful, although 
I was informed I am on a waiting list.

Having learned of the hassle to watch the show live, I shall be sitting in the comfort of my home instead, enjoying the best Saturday night entertainment.