YP Letters: Day out in the Dales soiled by selfish dog owners at Malham

Malham Cove.
Malham Cove.
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From: Peter Whiteley, Low Biggins, Kirkby Lonsdale.

SEVERAL members of my family and I met the other day at Malham. We enjoyed a thoroughly nice day which included two short walks and an excellent pub lunch.

But my day was spoilt by the actions of some of the dog owners. All the dogs I saw were very well behaved and and on leashes.

So far so good.

However, on our walk to Malham Cove, I noticed many small black plastic bags at the sides of the footpath.

Clearly these contained excrement cleared up by the owners of dogs.

It’s very good that their owners should clear up after them. But obviously these owners had either no idea what to do next, or couldn’t be bothered to carry the bags to a rubbish bin, so they just dropped the bags at the sides of the path.

On the way back to the 
village, I stopped counting them when I got to 30.

This thoughtless and 
totally irresponsible behaviour 
is much worse than not 
cleaning up after their dog 
at all.

It’s adding the dropping of litter to the problem as well.